Twist off 63 mm

Color: White, gold, red, green, black
Origin: Poland
Package: 1430 ps/pack

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Technical drawing: Download

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Closure with lithography
We have the possibility to offer special designs of closures with lithography, in accordance with the demand of the customer.
Continuous Thread (CT)
Designed to give packaging a classic "home-made" appearance, our Continuous Thread (CT) Closures offer excellent sealing properties for extended shelf life. Easy to reclose, glass jars or bottles with CT Closures can be reused as storage containers, lengthening consumer exposure to brand messaging.
Compatible with vacuum and non-vacuum packed applications, the closure is also ideal for home bottling applications due to its ability to vent during the heating process.
Eco Cap (EC)
This stylish vacuum twist cap features a slanted side wall profile to enhance product differentiation and abuse resistance. The Eco Cap can be used with applications requiring hot, cold and aseptic filling (with no treatment), pasteurization or sterilization.
As with all Crown closures, high quality graphics can be incorporated to boost visual appeal.
The innovative Orbit™ Closure consists of two parts: a central, floating panel that is vacuum sealed to the jar and an outer ring that provides further product protection and acts as the opening and re-closing device. This revolutionary design significantly reduces opening torque and enhances convenience for consumers of all ages.
The Orbit™ Closure is suitable for all types of processes used for glass jars, including pasteurization and sterilization. The Orbit™ Closure is manufactured using proven materials to ensure food safety compliance. Biotests and long-term storage have also been executed to confirm pack integrity.


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