Geneza provides complex solutions for the whole food sector in the Balkan region, it has been supplying the market since 1994 with not only food raw materials but also services related to the food industry. Having developed into a complex dehydration factory, our production plant offers a wide range of reprocessing services and logistics capacities also.


Steam Treatment

Large capacity steam and heat treatment services for small and large granulation herbs, teas, vegetables and spices. The micro reduction is also supported by in-house instant lab analysis.

Laboratorial Analysis

Wide range of laboratorial analysis available on site for producers of other materials. We may analyze products for TPC, mold and yeast, bacillus, coliform, ash and many more.


Mixtures of different materials, homogenization. Available for both powders, granules and leaves.


Granulation and fine milling of spices, herbs, vegetables with very different attributes to a wide range of size as to your preference.


Warehousing services at different temperatures supported by a modern code system. Also available for frozen and cooled items.






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